County Line Harvest

Growing Specialty Organic Produce 

in Thermal and Petaluma, CA

Our harvest resumes October 2021

We usually have products available year-round, but due to drought conditions this year, we are not farming this summer in Petaluma.  We will be busy preparing the soil of our Thermal fields to plant this fall and plan to be harvesting again for wholesale and farmers' markets by late October.

Until I started using County Line Harvest lettuces, I was almost embarrassed by the lack of quality product available in the winter months here in the northeast. I feel fortunate to be able to serve their organic lettuce, arugula and vegetables. Everything they grow is so delicious and so fresh tasting, it's like they are one of our local farmers!

Chris Beischer
Chef - Mercer Kitchen, NYC

About Us

County Line Harvest was started in 2000 by David Retsky on just six acres in Northern California on the Marin-Sonoma County line. Since then the Petaluma farm has grown to 30 acres of certified organic baby lettuces and specialty salad greens in the summer and heirloom Italian chicories over the winter. 

In 2009, David was joined by Megan Strom and they worked together to start a second farm location in Southern California in order to meet the demand of their customers as well as provide year-round employment for a dozen of their full-time employees and nine months of seasonal work for an additional 35.  The Thermal farm is on 120 acres of leased land cultivated in a wide assortment of hand harvested specialty produce including baby lettuces, salad & cooking greens and baby root vegetables that are available October through June. 

County Line Harvest's Petaluma farm has been certified organic by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture since 2001. The Thermal location was certified organic from 2010 through June 2019 until the original lease ended and everything was picked up and moved to new land.  Our new parcel is now certified organic as of January 2021.  We are deeply passionate about being good stewards of the land while providing the freshest, most flavorful produce possible and are excited to have the opportunity to create more organic farmland in California.